Copper Roofing and Roof Repair in Greater Cleveland and Northeast, Ohio

Beautiful to look at and maintenance free, a properly installed copper roof is worth every penny invested. It's also the most eco friendly sustainable roof possible.

A professionally installed copper roof can last a lifetime, and when it does wear out, can be recycled into another copper roof. Pitched copper roofing can be installed as standing seam panels, batten seamed panels and individual copper patterned shingles. We use special traditional metal folding techniques to allow for a standing seam roof to be installed with no caulking or soldering of the joints and penetrations. Flat copper roofs are installed by connecting small panels of copper together with folded seams, and then soldering the seams together for a long lasting watertight joint. Special attention must be paid to the thermal movement of the copper sheet metal to protect against buckling and cracking of the panels and seams.